Iconic Memorex Ad

This is one of my all time favorite advertisements.  It is an iconic ad from the 1970s that effectively shows the power of design to portray an idea or concept.  This was the introduction of a new technology at that time.  The introduction of tapes was to be big during that time and showed just how well the tape was going to rock you out of your chair.   I like the contrasting balance of the design, having the key darker elements on the sides with the light wall in the background, with the use of a dark like in the baseboard drawing your eye from one side to the other.  It gives the viewer a good idea of the action of sound being blasted from the speaker knocking the glass over while also blowing the listeners hair and tie back. This was a difficult to do in the 1970s without the use of a digital media to work with.   This shows the large amount of design work and thought that was put into the concept before the photo shoot took place.  Digital design work of today is going to be a bit easier than that of the work of the past.




1 thought on “Iconic Memorex Ad

  1. Great image! Yes I agree, lots of planning went into this design. All the components of the photograph seemed to be strategically arranged. This is a simple yet informative image- makes me want to blast some music! The success of the design is evident in that almost 40 years after it was photographed, we are still chatting about it today! Nice image.

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