Blog Write up 1:2 Project synopsys

My first project turned into a video as a 9/11 memorial video.  I choose to do this based on the timing of the project being in the month of September and because 9/11 is my birthday and it is a day that will never be forgotten in US history.  My video was to be simple and elegant with a vocal version of the national anthem and the American Flag waving in the back ground.  I wanted to use different angles of the flag with the final ending with a bright sun behind the waving flag.

Project 2 Exercise 2


Faded : Either inebriated or under the intoxication of a drug, to the point in which you are beyond comprehension


This is my Final image I chose

Project 2 Exercise 2

These are my examples… Bold, Congested, Increase, Order, Playful and Tension

9/11 Tribute Video

These are a few pics of my 9/11 tribute video