Project 2 Exercise 2


Faded : Either inebriated or under the intoxication of a drug, to the point in which you are beyond comprehension


This is my Final image I chose


3 thoughts on “Project 2 Exercise 2

  1. where are all your other designs i saw in class! this design for some reason reminds me of reflect, like the word is looking at it’s self in a puddle. Maybe it’s the color and the line in the middle that is almost completely the hue. Maybe try having the letters falling apart like its disintegrating. Best way for me to put it is like a leaf blower, blowing away the letters piece by piece.

  2. For some reason word press is changing the hue off the color in the JPG… I have tried upload different files a few times now, sometimes they look like the original and then you post it and it changes to that dull blueish/green look. I will email you my original JPG. I like your idea with the leaf blower but that doesn’t really work with my direction on the definition I am representing. I am going with Urban Dictionary definition of being faded as in being intoxicated. I am representing the original person as a whole on top in black then fading away getting lost and unrecognizable from the background while being “faded” then coming back from the intoxication and into a whole again but being empty inside.

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