Project 2 writeup 2 … pre project sketches…

These were my first 3 initial ideas for a postesr.  I was liking the in the middle one.  It would be for the group Gang Starr.  The 2 MCs (Guru and DJ Premier) on the bottom with Guru holding a copy of their logo, floating in his hands.  But after talking to Claire, Robyn and Lananh… we all kinda agreed that think the first one would be better to do based on the project being vector graphics and not photographic.  That one is going to be a NOFX poster.  NOFX is a punk band that is anti establishment, government, corporations, aka the man…  So I wanted to do a poster that would incorporate that idea.  It is going to be based off the game of space invaders…  there will be a row of corporate business men on top with the band name on the bottom as the shields, then the band as the actual ship on the bottom moving around shooting up at the men coming down on them.  I am going to play with the bullets coming out possibly being an album name… but we’ll see once I get the basic idea layed out in AI, then play with coloring and the other text.


1 thought on “Project 2 writeup 2 … pre project sketches…

  1. Hey Keith! Again, great ideas going on around here 🙂 I’m glad that you’re challenging yourself and your designs. Hope you’re making good progress! I will be showing you guys how to use image trace today- this may change the way your final design looks! Keep up the good work 🙂

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