My quick sketches


These are my 3 sketches.  The top 2 are of the Nighthawk painting.  In one I have a zombie attacking a guy outside in the background and the customer just noticing it with the working drawing out a shotgun.  In the other one, I have a window broken out with zombies attacking the man in the suit and the man protecting his woman from the other entering zombie. The bottom one is the redone of the last supper, It is a rough idea of the 12 deciples are zombies and they are feasting on the scattered about body of jesus.   


2 thoughts on “My quick sketches

  1. Hey Keith! I think this is a good place to start! Something to think about- I really like the idea with zombie, something to consider playing with to “match” the idea is the building itself. Maybe it can look abandoned or old somehow? Perhaps the building has fallen in and all the people are dead or zombified? Consider this for your other idea too, what can you to with the last supper environment to make it more zombie friendly. ?

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